This Ability

TV Pilot
Patricia Ann Conte
Disabled people show what can be done.

Reality (Unscripted)

This Ability© (30 minute unscripted reality) Stories of disabled persons with extraordinary abilities.

What it is-

Many of us take for granted the blessings in our lives.  We complain and focus on the negative. But what about people who wake up daily to obstacles we can’t imagine? What’s it like to be them?  What’s it like to have the odds stacked up against you every day, yet you make the make the most of every moment?

The new reality series This Ability does just that.  Each episode explores the story of a person who lives life to the fullest in spite of having some kind of condition that makes daily life especially challenging.

How it works-

The series celebrates the strength and hope of the human soul conveying a message of inspiration to viewers.  This Ability shall cast people of various age, gender, race, nationality, religion, etc., who have a disability.  (A disability is considered a disease, an accident or injury, a birth defect, or any obstacle that consistently impedes daily life.)

In each episode, the audience becomes intimately acquainted with a human being by first witnessing a snapshot of a usual day-in-life of the person before the disability.  Then, viewers discover how the person’s disability came to be.   The episode then segues into how the disability impacts the life of the individual as well as his or her family members and friends.  A delicate balance of pain and hope spirals through each episode as we see how a disabled person’s passion manifests an ability. Each episode culminates on a positive note leaving the viewer with hope and inspiration.

The show reminds us that we never know what cards we will be dealt in life.  We must consider a daily dose of gratitude for both what we have and the people we love.  The audience can learn through the experience of others that true peace and happiness comes from appreciating and celebrating what you have.

The series will follow this format, but the ‘star’ will change with each episode.  

Episode Format & Tentpole Moments

  1.    Introduction of star (Name, age, disability).
  2.    A snapshot of life before the disability.
  3.    Explanation from individual and witnesses as to how the disability came about.
  4.    Individual, family and friends respond to director’s interview questions and share testimonial as to how the disability impacts their lives.
  5.    Show the individual’s passion, accomplishments, and ability.
  6.    Positive, inspiring closure.


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