Children’s Series

Children’s Books
For Beginners Publishing, San Antonio, TX (Writer-for-hire)
Children’s stories

For Beginners Publishing, San Antonio, TX (Writer-for-hire)  I’d be happy to provide more information.  Contact me.

Billy Birch and the Bugs – Billy Birch gets lost in the woods and uses lessons he learns from his various bug companions to survive.

Punxatwany Phil and Precipitation – Explores the origins of Groundhog Day while teaching about the various forms of precipitation from sleet to snow.

Thunder Beach – Daisy and Mom head out for a day at the beach, but a thunderstorm puts them in danger.

Happy Blizzardween! – It is Halloween and Charley looks forward to trick-or-treating, but a blizzard thwarts their plans.


Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash





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